Freeze your bum off with Richard Estep, J.B Coates and the amazing staff of OHHH.

By OSPHPRC, Inc (other events)

Sat, Dec 3 2022 5:00 PM EST Sun, Dec 4 2022 12:00 PM EST

Ready to freeze your bum off in East Tennesses's most active hospital. Throw in a pair of paranormal authors and investigators Richard Estep and J.B Coates combined with the amazing staff of OHHH and its sure to be one cold evening. 

The evening begins at 5pm eastern with check in.

5:30 pm we begin our Q&A session with para-author and tv celebrity of Haunted Hospitals Richard Estep. J.B Coates author and para invetigator will be joining the conversation as we talk about their experiences and research. The OHHH staff will be on hand to help out as well.

6:30 we open the hospital to allow freem roam throughout the buikding for you to hopefully experience some of the activitiy that goes on in this storied location.

You pick the time you leave by purchasing the correct time tickets.

Either 5pm to 10pm or 5pm to midnight.

We will be supplying hot chocolate, coffee, and soft drinks. Keep in mind the building is not heated so dress warm. We do have electric and bathrooms. 

What to expect. This is a free roam event, this means you get free roam of the hospital. Stop and investiagte with one of our trained investigators, Richard or J.B. Don't want to investiagte with us, pick out your little slice of our haunted location and investigate on your own. Bring your own equipment or come with out and use ours with our guidance.

Our location has claims of babies crying, full body apparitions, disembodied voices, shadow people and many more super natural phenomena. While we can’t guarantee an experience, however your chances are very good as these phenomena happen on the daily.

Please bring your cameras, voices recorders and equipment if you like. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on premises, if we see it, smell it, or have any suspicions you are under the influence you will be asked to leave and refunds will not be given. Due to the limited availability of our events there are no refunds; all sales are final. Children between the ages of 14-18 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian. We do allow filming of our event with the exception of the history and introduction portion of the event, absolutely no edited footage is allowed to be downloaded to any social media without written consent of OSPHPRC. All rights reserved to OSPHPRC 


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